The path to a better America

flagI am interested in politics but it has never been my soap box.  I beleive that all Christians should commit to working for the common good in every arena of life and that we are called to participate in civil affairs. I pray for  wisdom for everyone involved in the process so that we make informed decisions that lead to substantive change. I have never been more hopeful than I am in this election cycle because we have so many good people who long to see a better America.

I love this vision from qideas.

The concepts of justice and civil society together lead to principled pluralism. The goal of Christian involvement in public affairs is to promote justice for all, thereby promoting the common good. Justice includes government respecting the rights and independence of the intermediary civil-society structures lying between the individual and the national government. Government ought to work with – not undercut or weaken – them.

What do you think about principled pluralism?  Is this the path to a better America?

We survived the caucus

Iowa-caucusesSick to death of robo calls, I could not wait for the political circus to move on to New Hampshire. The only thing left for  me to do was attend my caucus.  In Cedar Rapids the Republican caucus moved outside the boundaries of our precincts to a central location.  I was not thrilled by this idea but committed enough to go fulfill my duty.

The initial crush of people did not improve my mood but we eventually snaked our way to the proper sign-in table, received our ballot and landed in some of the few remaining seats. At this point I noticed that the atmosphere throughout the crowd was electric. I also noted that the availability of beer might help grease the skids of the political process.

Within a few minutes we were called to order by the site captain. We heard final pleas on behalf of each of the candidates including rousing comments from Rand Paul himself.  A theme emerged: in this moment we have the opportunity to make the world a better place by making America a better place.

I found myself inspired by the possibles offered by so many gifted and qualified flagcandidates truly committed to doing the best they can to make our country great. By  the time the voting concluded I was so glad I participated in the process and even more optimistic about the future of our country.

I think our best days are ahead. What do you think about our future?